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Hide your dental flaws instantly with Tooth Bonding!

Tooth bonding is a popular treatment used to repair chipped teeth, fill cavities, replace silver fillings and improve the overall appearance of your smile. Great for hiding minor dental flaws and fixing structural imperfections, dental bonding is prized for its cosmetic attributes as well as providing quick and easy solutions.

It involves a simple procedure in which the cosmetic dentist applies a thin layer of tooth-coloured composite on the tooth, sculpts and moulds it to satisfaction, then hardens the restoration with a high intensity light. Using this very straightforward process, the dentist is able fill or cover up any dental flaws with great ease and precision. The tooth-like material also makes blending into the existing tooth structure look seamless and aesthetically pleasing.

Monterey Keys Dental Surgery offers this quick and affordable solution to address many minor cosmetic issues. If you have chipped, discoloured, cracked or decayed teeth, tooth bonding can help to erase the flaws and restore its appearance in an instant!

Performed by expert cosmetic dentists at Monterey Keys Dental Surgery, the treatment promises dramatic results that will boost your confidence and transform your smile!

With Tooth Bonding, Monterey Keys Dental Surgery offers you a fast and easy solution to remove all your dental blemishes!

Ask about our Tooth Bonding services at (07) 5665 8144 today!

The Benefits of Tooth Bonding

Tooth bonding offers many advantages as a cosmetic treatment. Despite its routine procedure, it offers an affordable and quick method to achieve pretty amazing results. It’s one of those dental treatments that in just a couple of hours, you can see visible improvement in the appearance of your smile – without having to undergo any lengthy or expensive procedures.

Here are some of the benefits that ought to make you consider Tooth Bonding as a viable option:

Hide Dental Flaws

Tooth bonding can fix a host of dental imperfections that are common to many people: It covers chips or cracks sustained from accidents or injuries; whitens stains caused by smoking, eating and drinking habits; replaces the decayed portions of your teeth; and reshapes tooth structures that are considered too small or rounded – to achieve a more angular tooth shape.

Replace Amalgam Fillings

The Tooth Bonding procedure uses composite resin, a material composed of plastic with added fillers and modifiers. In addition to strength and durability, this composite material is favoured for its colour consistency that blends with natural teeth.

These properties make tooth bonding an ideal procedure for replacing silver amalgam fillings – known for their strength but criticised for their appearance. Patients who prefer a whitish filling colour usually opt for tooth bonding as treatment of choice or use it to replace existing silver amalgam fillings.

Safe, Fast and Straightforward

For starters, the process is safe and painless. First, the dentist will apply a chemical compound that will etch or roughen your teeth. This makes the teeth more conducive for the bonding material to adhere to. The bonding resin is then applied in layers, depending on the bulk or thickness required. The cosmetic dentist will artfully shape the resin while it is malleable before hardening it with a special UV light.

The entire process takes between 30 minutes to an hour, and can be done in a single sitting. Multi-session bonding is usually recommended for more extensive teeth corrections that are applied to more than one tooth. Bonding is such a safe and simple procedure it is recommended for children as well.

Affordable Option

Compared to other cosmetic surgery and treatment options, Tooth Bonding is a very affordable treatment. How much you spend also depends on the number of teeth that requires bonding as well as the type of bonding you choose. It is a simple treatment that doesn’t require many clinical appointments hence patients save time and money from making fewer trips to the dentist.

Colour Match and Aesthetic Quality

The composite resin used in Tooth Bonding can be enhanced with pigments to mimic your teeth's natural colour. The cosmetic dentist uses a colour chart that precisely matches the shade of the material to your natural teeth so that they are able to blend seamlessly.

The material is mixed with a paste-like consistency that allows the dentist to perfectly sculpt and mould the bonded tooth to any desired shape or form. After the high intensity light has been used to harden the resin, the dentist would buff and polish the material to give it a translucent shine.

With Tooth Bonding, the dentist not only repairs your teeth. He gives you a perfectly sculpted tooth with uncanny enamel-like colour and quality!

Tooth Bonding can cover many types of dental flaws and imperfections.

Discover the Cosmetic Benefits of Tooth Bonding at Monterey Keys Dental Surgery – call us at (07) 5665 8144 today!

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